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UK Photo Exhibition of Children with Disabilities around the World
Photographer Fumio Nabata

In London I am going to hold a photo exhibition of children with disabilities around the world. By capturing the children with disabilities in their joyful state and positive energy via pictures, I envisage this photo exhibition will give hope to exhibition visitors. The U.K. is deeply conscious of children with disabilities, so after obtaining a good evaluation in the U.K., I am aiming to hold a photo exhibition in Japan.

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Contents of the Photo Exhibition

A girl with the down's syndrome"Positive Energy – Gifts from Children with Disabilities" (tentative title)
I am going to take pictures of pre-school children with mainly Down syndrome in developing areas such as the United Kingdom and Japan and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. I hope to hold an exhibition in London in 2018 (projected). I also have a plan to collaborate with photographer Mr. Richard Bailey in London, who is expanding the Down syndrome photo exhibition project "Shifting Perspective" globally. After that, I will bring the photo exhibition back to Japan, in preparation for an exhibition project as a cultural program in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic.

Purpose of the Photo Exhibition

A girl with the pervasive developmental disorder Even if this photo exhibition is about the children, I will not emphasize the disability aspect with which exhibition visitors sympathize. Since I have focused on children in full happiness through my photos, I want to describe the positive vital energy they have, and visitors will be able to possess very positive and forward-looking views about them. Through my activities, I also wish to contribute to general social awareness–raising.
My purpose is based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (adopted by the United Nations in 2006, and a total of 160 countries have signed.), Article 8 (Awareness–raising) – To raise awareness throughout society, including at the family level, regarding persons with disabilities, and to foster respect for the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities.As consciousness about disabilities is currently not so advanced here in Japan, I would like to hold the exhibition in UK where people has a high consciousness to regard inborn disabilities as one of the “characteristics” of people, not a special ones, and with the high reputation of it I would like to bring it back to Japan. 

Photographing for the Exhibition

Photography scenery in the U.K.I will use my works taken in Japan and the U.K. for the exhibition. To take pictures, I will visit countries where the children live – mainly rising developing countries with brilliant economic growth to attract the broad attention of the British people. Candidate countries are Myanmar, Columbia and South Africa. The shooting in Myanmar has already been completed in September 2016.

Projected Venue & Date

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Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH 
It is scheduled to be held from 15th to 21st May 2018

The venue has changed from the church to this gallery

Projected Sponsors (Application plan)

Down Syndrome International
Down's Syndrome Association, (U.K)
Japan Society of the U.K

(Photo taken at Mr.Bailey’s home.)Richard Bailey, London resident photographer (planned collaboration), is a main member of “Shifting Perspectives” (Sponsored by Public Interest Incorporated Association, Japan Down Syndrome Association), which has been held in seven countries and Tokyo Japan (Itochu Aoyama Art Square, Tokyo inMarch 2014)   
Movie of   LinkIcon"Shifting Perspectives at the Dublin Arts Council"


"A baby grow up healthily."
Works of the Myanmar Project.


Photographer Fiona Yaron-Field will participate. 

25 Apr, 2017

We are luckily enough to get a participation of Ms. Fiona Yaron-Field, who was the member of the "Shifting Perspective". Fiona is taking portrates of the expecting mothers who made up their mind to have a baby with Down Syndrome, after the prenatal diagnosis test. I will post the babies with Down Syndrome who have full of positive energies, and Richard would post the grown up and independent features of adults with Down Syndrome so we can express our strong messages and ideas that to be born and having a Down Syndrome is absolutely not something "unhappy", but quite opposite. Now, in Japan, and in England, most of the mothers make a choice to abandon their babies when they know that by the prenatal diagnosis tests. We three members are totally agreed to take away those anxious feelings form those people by doing our exhibition world wide.Movie of Fiona Yaron-Field


News Report in Myanmar

"JDS news" January, 2017 issue of the Japan Down Syndrome Association.

23 Dec,2016

The file of report when I visited Myanmar.


Achievements to date 

Photo Shooting in U.K (Bath in 2014)Photo Shooting in Japan (Osaka in 2016)I visited Myanmar Down Syindrome Society (Yangon in Sep, 2016) Photo Shooting in Myanmar (Yangon in 2016)St Giles' Cripplegate Church of the photo exhibition venue (London in 2016)At the Church with Chief of Secretariat (London in 2016)With Mr. Richard Bailey of the photographer (London in 2016)I visited Down Syndrome International (U.K in, 2016)